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My mother lived in silence.

Words were for my father,

her husband.

Boisterous laughter,

were owned by my brother,

her son.


My mother taught me that

silences are larger than life.

Drowning the noise,

those who operated in quiet,

were the strongest survivors.


For years, her silence

was the loudest noise.

Growing up,

I shrunk myself,

folding my spine to skirt,

from it’s shadows,

finding solace in loud words

and raging voices.


But just when I thought,

I was too broken

to ever learn,

she opened the doors.

In our household,

empty air said more

than the words ever did,

and I learned the art of listening.


What was her strength,

took years for me to master.

What was her weakness,

haunted me for ages.

On the quietest of days,

I struggled under the weight

of all that was left unsaid,

of all that I wish I had said.


And slowly I came to see

that the weakest parts of me

gained strength.

My voice, when used,

was no longer weak.

No more an ornamental piece,

I evolved, like my mother,

gaining power with my silence.


Our stories aren’t in words.

Instead they hide,

in plain sight.

In the house, we live.

In the food, we make.

In the clothes, we wear.

In the gifts, we give.

The gifts we give,

with our silences.


For long I struggled,

with this robbing of words,

with the inability to clearly interpret,

until she gave me a meaning



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  1. Rajiv nayan singh

    October 7, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Own Experiences/feelings ,from nascent stage to attaining majority,- well expressed by the poet in the poem.


  2. Diksha

    October 8, 2017 at 1:58 am

    Loved it 🙂


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