Studying Class X. Wow!

You are a big boy now!

What you gonna do after tenth

You seem to have scientific bent

In boards, get a good percent,

Take science, no worries, no stress

Live life without any discontent


Uhm Science?

But I hate maths, I love history

History, you love history???

My boy! Get this straight

History is for guys who are rogues and degenerate

History is for girls, partying the night, late

Science, Euclid, Physics, Chemistry

Is written in your fate

Not History! Which decent boy takes History?


What about Maths

It’s the thing I abhor

I don’t want to study it no more


What kind of boy are you, my boy?

Maths is meant for boys

I haven’t met any boy, who is weak at maths

Who is weak at maths?


Lazy rats

And all the spoiled brats!

You ain’t a spoiled brat? Are you?


No sir, not me


Then don’t worry my lad

Study maths, you will be glad

You are a boy, it’s in your blood

Else your life will be a dud

Rolling in the mud

Earning minimum wage

Never to be in limelight, forever behind the stage


That sounds scary, I don’t want that


That’s right lad, you don’t want that

Hear my plea and choose PCMB.

Life will be fine,

Fame on you shall shine.

Hear my plea and choose PCMB.

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