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Controversy deepens over Nuh murder case

The veracity of Nuh murder case has seen a surge of controversy with the surfacing of a video of an eye-witness and the report of a fact-finding team of Citizens Against Hate, in which the father of deceased has alleged that CIA (Central Investigation Agency, Haryana) officials conspired and murdered his son.

The police, on the other hand, have set up a Special Investigation Team to probe the incident, after registering an FIR under IPC sections 302 (murder) and 201 against unknown persons. The police have consistently maintained that 30-year-old Munfaid was found dead on September 16 in a white pick-up truck on the Tauru Nuh road, with a bullet to his neck.

A video of eye-witness has surfaced who doesn’t want to be identified because of security reasons but is ready to become a witness if provided protection. In the video, he is saying, “We saw a police car and Munfaid said to stop our car. He needed to talk to them. The police talked to him for 2 minutes and shot him on neck. We were also fired at when we escaped.”

The members of Citizens Against Hate, an amorphous group of professionals and activists, met the victim’s father and visited the scene of crime. It is stated in their report that the victim’s father has in a written complaint to police alleged that on September 15th, Munfaid told them that CIA staff members had called Munfaid to Rewari to meet them, and told him that they will close all the false cases registered against him, if he does some work for them.

The report has further stated that according to the victim’s father, Munfaid was in constant touch with the police officers regarding a false case of rape that had been filed against him. He further stated that Munfaid from time to time, on the instruction of the police officers, used to carry out some work for them.

Another recently published fact finding report called “Lynching Without End”, by Citizens Against Hate, states that 11 such cases of police encounter, involving 15 deceased, have been found in Nuh district alone. The past few years has seen a surge in cases of extra judicial killings of muslim youths by police in Nuh and Faridabad Districts of Haryana. These are mostly on the suspicion of them being criminals.



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