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Of Pussies and Penises: Power of Perspicacity

I’ve always wondered how it would be

To have the power of contextual perspicacity

To learn where you come from

And to know how you lay your norm


Whether that will give me insight into understanding how your mind works

When you say to me it’s an unequal world- where women are “privileged”

Because in all honesty, have not men been sincerely oppressed?

When they are made to carry all the burden of the world, unbridled?


Do you not understand the centuries of despair

Why do you stand there with hunger in your stare

Do you not account for the years of pain

In trying to break my bonds in vain


All I really want to know is how your mind works

Does it process the smoulders, the shackles, the shrieks berserk

Or does it skip straight to the two cases of misused law

And that one example of the woman beating the man raw


Why do you look at me like my ignorance knows no end

When I say I was raped or harassed by my husband

Why do you think I cannot think for myself at fifteen or at fifty and married

For is not sexual intercourse another term for married?


Why do you think it is okay to kill me for my gender

Steal innocent childhood; tie the knot at such an age tender

Why do you think you can tell me what to wear, how to talk

And tell the penis possessor how to fight, when to stalk


And is it okay, pray tell, to pay me less for the same kind of work

To turn my no to a yes with a smirk?

To use masculine pronouns for all humankind?

To cure my sexuality and my maudlin mind?


I’ve always wondered how it would be

To have the power of contextual perspicacity

To make you understand, plain and clear

That private is the most political of them all, I fear.


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