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US billionaire questions democratic values in campaign against Trump

In the search of the meaning of real democracy in the United States of America, billionaire Tom Steyer has raised questions on the democratic value of the nation and asked the citizens of the nation to file a petition against their own President Donald Trump. In an online campaign, he has urged them to write against the president to their Congresspersons, so that he could be impeached constitutionally.

Steyer sites the mayhem of him being a devilish president. According to him, ‘Trump is clear and present danger who is mentally ill and armed with nuclear weapons’.

Steyer, himself being a Democrat, funnels millions into the campaign of the democrat candidates. Earlier, he had also appealed to the Democrat law makers to instigate the impeachment campaign but to no availl, as it was assumed by the citizenry as an illusion.

In the fresh move to prove himself sane, he launched the campaign on YouTube, asking the civilians to file petition against Donald Trump.

The campaign is not likely to have any real influence, as the Republicans have supremacy in both the houses of Congress.

Steyer founded hedge fund Farallon Capital, before retiring in 2012. He also launched NextGen America, a political organization that advocates liberal position on climate change, immigration and health care, amongst other issues.

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